At Luckystroke Putt Club, we understand that planning and hosting a party can be a daunting task. That’s why we ensure that every aspect of your event, from the decorations to the food, is executed to perfection.

Our private event space is the perfect setting for any occasion, whether a birthday party, corporate event, family gathering or any other special occasion. Our event space is versatile and can be configured to accommodate a wide range of group sizes.

Our dedicated event planners will work with you to create a memorable event that meets all your specific needs and requirements. We offer a wide range of customizable packages that include mini-golf, catering, and entertainment options, as well as decorations and party favors. We can also help with setup, cleanup, and on-site event coordination, so you can sit back and enjoy the celebration.

Regarding catering, our menu options are designed to please all palates and dietary restrictions, featuring a wide variety of appetizers, entrees, and desserts, as well as a selection of craft beers and cocktails. We pride ourselves on using only the freshest, highest-quality ingredients. Our experienced chefs will work with you to create a custom menu that suits your taste and budget perfectly.

Our team is dedicated to making your event a success and ensuring that your guests have a great time. With our years of experience, attention to detail, and personalized service, we are confident that we can help you host an event that your guests will remember for years to come. So come to Luckystroke Putt Club, where we’ll take care of everything, leaving you to relax and enjoy the celebration with your guests.